Our forensic accounting services are led by Richard Durkin.

Our services establish the truth behind the headline figures. We combine our accounting knowledge with investigative skills, primarily for litigation support, but also for insurance and general corporate services.

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
We are retained by lawyers to conduct financial research and analysis and to provide expert witness testimony for litigation, settlement negotiations, mediation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Personal Injuries
If you have suffered an injury, you may be entitled to compensation for loss of earnings, pension rights or loss in value of your business.

We will undertake a detailed analysis of the business with a view to establishing the causal link between your injuries and the reduction in the profits of the business and/or your earnings.

If your injuries are permanent and you have an interest in a business, then you may have suffered a loss in capital value. We will assess the loss in capital value by comparing the pre and post-accident values of your interest in the business.

We have the necessary expertise to quantify the losses you might have suffered on your annual pension and the lump sum you will receive at retirement.

Family Law Support Services
We provide the following family law support services;

  • Business valuations
  • Investigations of hidden assets
  • Investigation of accounting procedures
  • Assessment of real earnings liquidity reviews
  • Advising on tax pensions implications

Divorce Proceedings
If you or your spouse are proprietors or shareholders in a business then, as part of the divorce process, it will be necessary to assess its value and earnings.

We will prepare persuasive reports focusing on the key issues.

Insurance professionals rely on us to discover the real value of claims made under a variety of policy claims.

Corporate organisations come to us when they need accurate numbers on which to base critical decisions in commercial transactions, investigations, litigation and dispute resolution.