Strategy Development

In today’s fast moving and challenging business environment the strategic position of an organisation can secure or threaten its future and now more than ever businesses need to be innovative, dynamic and capable of responding to a changing landscape.

Good strategy focuses and directs the resource of the organisation while creating solid, robust foundations that are capable of withstanding market turbulence yet flexible enough to adapt and embrace new opportunities in moving the organisation forward.

Key Questions:

  • Has your organisation developed an effective strategic plan capable of sustaining today’s business challenges.
  • Is your business achieving mediocre results yet over consuming resources.
  • Is your organisation strategically positioned and marking your key accounts/clients.
  • Is your organisation optimising its product and service portfolio from an understanding of current and future customer needs and allocating resources effectively to boost profits.
  • Is there a need to identify new markets and development options combined with the appropriate market entry strategy.
  • Would strategic alliances and investment lead to more business, new markets and profitable growth.

We assist our Clients by:

Providing a wide array of advisory services that assist our clients in evaluating, planning and executing strategic development options. Typical assignments may include:

  • A Strategic audit to review and test the effectiveness of existing strategic plans and charting the direction to achieve performance improvements and/or greater market share;
  • Identifying, researching and evaluating the most promising growth opportunities and designing practical and implementable response strategies to optimise investment returns;
  • Assessing the overall fitness and effectiveness of client product & service portfolios, reshaping and rejuvenating were appropriate and developing competitive, tactical business/account growth strategies that builds competitive advantage.