Marketing & Sales

Our Marketing & Sales practice works with organisations across all industries to identify and develop customised and comprehensive strategies that deliver long lasting results and secure profitable growth. In order to exploit the hidden potential of our clients business we examine all levers (strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats) in the sales and marketing operations and deliver pragmatic solutions to meet and succeed business objectives.

Marketing Management Practice

  • Audits existing marketing initiatives to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing activities and whether they are leading to the desired results;
  • Combines our expertise in business strategy with market development methodologies of product mapping, market segmentation, market research and market positioning to translate strategic needs into market opportunities;
  • Develops and delivers compelling brand and customer marketing strategies that ensure the effective and efficient use of marketing spend. Production of marketing materials including brochures, presentations, media collaterals etc;
  • Creates promotional actions plans and executes campaigns that are consistent with client objectives, ethos and corporate image.

Pricing Support

Assisting our clients in the development and execution of pricing strategies that address competitive positioning pressures, maximise profits and grow market share.

We help our clients to:

  • Optimise pricing levels and structures;
  • Market value based pricing strategies and manage perceptions through effective communication methods;
  • Guard against price erosion through uncontrolled discounts, rebates and commissions.

Sales Management Practice

Working with clients to optimise sales channels, sales forces and key account planning and management processes resulting in measurable growth and profitability through improved:

  • Sales forecasting techniques and enhanced management and measurement of sales results;
  • Pipeline and prospect management techniques and frameworks for assessing suitable prospects in line with business objectives and resource constraints;
  • Sales reporting and effective management of sales data to identify and exploit opportunities;
  • Development of customer and employee incentive schemes to drive performance, volume and revenue growth.